Jewellery Making Courses

One-to-One Jewellery Workshops

Full details are now on my new jewellery making workshop website. Please visit and take a look.

Come and visit my home studio on the outskirts of Northwich, Cheshire. You will use my workbench and have one-to-one jewellery making tuition.

Student learning jewellery making techniques | Northwich      One-to-one jewellery making courses | Cheshire

A contemporary jewellery designer for over 30 years, I teach informal jewellery workshops tailored to your individual needs. From beginners ‘try out’ sessions, to those with experience wishing to develop their skills further. Techniques for advanced students include repoussé, chasing, raising, box-making, gemmology and diamond grading.

Recycle Your Old Jewellery

My commission work often involves re-designing and melting down old jewellery, worn out pieces or family heirlooms that are no longer fashionable. You can bring your own gold and silver jewellery to melt down and make into a contemporary treasure. Stuck for ideas and looking for inspiration? We can design your piece together using my extensive design book. There are two workbenches, allowing couples to come and make each others wedding rings, creating a truly unique and special heirloom to be passed on to future generations.