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Opal Jewellery Collection

Yvonne travels to Coober Pedy in Australia every few years so that she can select the very best coloured opals, she also purchases rough opals and cuts and polishes them herself which enable her to produce more unusual shapes. You can purchase a stone from the stock of un-set opals and have a bespoke piece of jewellery designed and made to suit your requirements. Please telephone to make an appointment to view the stones in stock. Click on an image to toggle enlargement.

Rhombic Opal Pendant

Rhombic Opal

This unusual angular cut 8.54ct opal inspired me to create a truly arresting design that really makes a statement. I have used a satin finish on the gold to emphasise the ‘solidity’ of the design, the four diamonds have been carefully placed to visually continue the line of the chain. The chain is supplied separately, 16 or 18 inches long.

18ct yellow gold
45mm long

Opal and Diamond Pendant

Blue Opal Diamond Pendant

12.58 carats of deep blue and green opal. Beautiful stones beg for simplicity, so I produced a simple swaying design leading the eye to the main star, with a couple of flush set diamonds as pointers on the way, polished finish.

18ct yellow gold
diamonds flush set, 0.16ct
47mm long

Gold Knot Opal Pendant

Gold Knot Pendant

A vibrant blue-green 6.17ct opal with a marked luminous quality, that is suspended within intertwining wires of satin finish gold. The loose knot design produces a 3D effect that is both elegant and sensuous. This pendant has an integral 18ct gold chain.

18ct yellow gold
48mm long

Opal Pendant

Curved Green Opal

8.60 carats of Coober Pedy opal, with a graduation of colour from pinks through to blue-green. The stone is carved with sensuous curves that I have echoed simply in the gold body, with one claw anchoring the stone in place along the carved recess, satin finish.

18ct yellow gold
56mm long

Triangle Opal Pendant

Gold Triangular Pendant

This flamboyant pendant design is inspired by the unusual triangular cut 3.12ct opal. The result is a design that intentionally hangs asymmetrically and has great flair and elegance. The polished finish of the gold gives the metal ‘lightness’ with beautiful reflections. The chain is supplied separately, 16 or 18 inches long.

9ct yellow gold
45mm long